How To: Vinyl Sticker Removal April 03, 2015 11:55

Vinyl Sticker RemovalRemoving decals or graphics from your vehicle is not as hard as some people think it is. We're gonna outline a few simple steps on how to do this. Lets start with decals that are on your windows. Decals on your vehicle windows can be removed with a razor blade. You just have be to be cautious with handling the blade. The easiest blade to use are the window scrapers that you can purchase at your local hardware stores or the rectangle blades that sold for box cutters.
Starting from one end of the decal, scrape of the vinyl by going in a back and forth motion. This is easier than trying to remove it by one pass. Don't apply too much pressure because it is possible to scratch the glass. Scrape off a little at a time, then remove the loose pieces so that you can see what you are doing. You should also be scraping the glue off at the same time. Once the decal is removed, don't worry if there's any glue or residue left. You can remove this by spraying some glass cleaner and wiping it off.
To remove graphics or decals from your vehicles body is going to require a little bit of patience and a blow dryer. No we ARE NOT going to use a razor blade for this task. Start by setting your blowdryer to the Hot position and point at the edge of the graphic from a distance of about 2 inches. The goal is to heat up both the graphic and the glue beneath it to a temperature so that both can be removed simultaneously when you peel off the vinyl. It will take a little bit of practice to get used to it.
Start from one end of the graphic and move the blowdryer in a circular or a back and forth motion, covering about 6 inch area. Carefully try to grab the corner of the graphic and start pulling it off the surface of the vehicle and at the same time moving the blowdryer ahead so the vinyl can be hot as you are pulling it off the vehicle. BE CAREFUL, THE VINYL IS HOT. Give your fingers a break after a few minutes. If you peel off the vinyl and you see it left the glue on the vehicle, try to heat it a little longer before peeling off the vinyl. Once you are done removing the vinyl look at your vehicle and see if there are any spots of glue left. Don't worry if there is. From your local carparts store you can purchase Tar and Bug removers. Or your local hardware store you can purchase glue removers made by 3M or some Goof Off. Before using any of these products, TEST IT, to see if damages your paint or not. Even though they say it's to be used on your vehicle, you will still want to test it to see if damage will be done or not. If after testing all is ok, follow the instructions on the product to remove the residue that is left on your vehicle. When finished, wash and wax your car.



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