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The Use of Car Stickers for Fun Purposes June 24, 2015 22:57

Car StickersVehicles have long been used for marketing purposes. They are an exceptionally useful and efficient tool for this purpose. They can be modified and serve many purposes. There are many kinds of stickers that can be used on these vehicles. They have various uses and various benefits. In any case, car stickers are one of hugely popular categories of stickers. Apart from marketing and advertisement purposes, they may have many other uses. Moreover, these stickers allow the users to express their creativity in a number of ways. 

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Express your ideas with some Amazing Car Stickers June 07, 2015 15:46

express-your-ideas-with-some-amazing-car-stickersLooking for a way to style your car, then look no further beyond car stickers. They are one of the best ways to do it. It is not only way cheaper but also gives you all the benefits of getting a custom paint job and not to forget the same level of compliments that you would have got for a fully painted car.

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How To: Vinyl Sticker Removal April 03, 2015 11:55

Vinyl Sticker RemovalRemoving decals or graphics from your vehicle is not as hard as some people think it is. We're gonna outline a few simple steps on how to do this. Lets start with decals that are on your windows. Decals on your vehicle windows can be removed with a razor blade. You just have be to be cautious with handling the blade. The easiest blade to use are the window scrapers that you can purchase at your local hardware stores or the rectangle blades that sold for box cutters.

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How to install your vinyl? February 05, 2015 18:47

Methods for the installation of cut vinyl stickers

Once you have received your order, your sticker consist of three layers as shown below.

Vinyl Stickers Definition

There are two types of installation methods adhesive vinyl and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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